Bespoke Training in Spa Consultancy  

For Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Professionals

Brighton School of Massage can tailor the content of any course to focus on your requirements and needs. This doesn’t just mean the United Kingdom, we can provide onsite and in-house training all over the world.

Brighton School of Massage can arrange to deliver all of our courses in-house. 

Brighton School of Massage can tailor the Course content to your specific requirements.

Brighton School of Massage offers flexible, in-house and onsite training that is perfect for your busy schedule. This allows you to choose the date you require and gives you the opportunity to determine the class size and duration of the Training.

Brighton School of Massage will take care of all your training requirements and ensure you have the best trainer with the most expertise to give you the best experience.

To find out more please telephone Andrew on 01273 625460.