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Online Diploma in Anatomy Physiology Pathology     

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    Our Anatomy Physiology Pathology is the best and most comprehensive online course. Our unrivalled course materials enables you to achieve your professionally recognised certificate in the way that best suits you. You are not required to purchase any other study materials. Everything you need to pass, we provide.

    This online Anatomy course allows you to study at home, in your own time. If you are beginning a career in Complementary therapy or need an accredited qualification then this is the course for you. 

    Anatomy Physiology Pathology is the foundation for many courses in Complementary therapies. It is suitable for students wishing to study human Anatomy and for those in the field of medical studies, Complementary therapies, personal trainers, yoga teachers and body workers.

    Our anatomy and physiology courses follow the Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology for Complementary Therapists syllabus and are graded at level 3 , a nationally recognised qualification.

    You study at your own pace and have access to fully narrated power points, explaining in detail the functioning of each body system.

    Included are worksheets, diagrams, tests with the answer sheets.

    You have access to the online course for 1 year.

    When completing your exam with a pass mark of 60% you receive your certificate.

    Anatomy and Physiology Course Outline

    • Cells and Tissues.
    • The skin and it`s functions
    • Skeletal Systems – composition, types and function of bones & joints.
    • Muscular System – different types of muscles, their composition and function.
    • Cardiovascular System – Heart structures and function, Blood Vessels and Blood Circulation.
    • Lymphatic System – Lymph glands and production of Tissue Fluid.
    • Respiratory System – Lungs and air pathway and exchange of gases.
    • Nervous System – Brain structures and function and Nervous Tissue.
    • Endocrine System – Main endocrine organs and role of hormones.
    • Urinary System – Kidneys and water metabolism.
    • Digestive system and functions.
    • Reproductive system and it`s components.
    • Pathology and diseases of the various body systems.

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      Anatomy and Physiology Objectives

      After successfully completing the course, you will be able to:

      • Take courses in other complementary therapies such as Body Massage and Reflexology
      • Continue with your studies as a personal trainer or yoga teacher
      • Refresh your Anatomy learning if your qualification is more than 3 years old as part of continues professional development.

      Prerequisites & Who is this course for?

      This course is open to anybody with an interest in the study of Anatomy & Physiology,  or who wishes to advance to other courses and complementary therapies.

      Anatomy and Physiology Exam Specification

      Home Study

      After each module, short questions and tasks will be completed at home. 

      Follow the order of the body systems as illustrated in the outline.

      Complete all your worksheets, diagrams and tests.

      Check your work with the answer sheets provided.

      You take your online exam when you are ready.

      Exams are timed

      A final multiple choice exam of 100 x Questions on Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology.

      You have three attempts; Pass mark is 60%

      Course Details

      Course Title

      Anatomy & Physiology Course

      Online: Exam fee included.

      Price full Certificate

      Price Refresher: £95.00

      Qualification: Certificate

      Upcoming Dates

      London, UK

      This course can be started any time.
      Call for details and to discuss before purchasing.

      Holistic Massage
      Reflexology Massage
      Aromatherapy Massage
      Indian Head Massage

      Bespoke Training

      This course can be tailored to your requirements and run anywhere in the U.K.