Short Courses

Brighton School of Massage currently offers the following Short courses.

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01273 625460 or email

Pregnancy Massage Course

Pregnancy Massage course offers training in the theory and practice of pregnancy massage to safely treat pregnant clients.

Face Lift Massage Course

Our Face Lift Massage Course provides training in natural massage techniques to stimulate and tone the muscles and skin.

Table Thai Massage Course

Table Thai Massage Course provides training in Thai massage techniques. Learn advanced stretches to add to your massage routine.

Deep Tissue Massage Course

Our Deep Tissue Massage course provides training in advanced deep tissue massage. It follows on from the foundation diploma courses in massage and/or sports injuries.

Hot Stone Massage Course

Our Hot Stone Massage course offers in the use of hot stone massage. On successful completion, you will be able to practice hot stone massage.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Course

Our accredited Manual Lymphatic Drainage Course is a valuable addition to treating injuries and stress as a massage therapist.

Emergency First Aid Course

Our Emergency First Aid Course gives you Massage Liability Insurance accreditation and satisfies the requirements of the Health & Safety Executive.

Advanced Massage Techniques Course

Our Advanced Massage Techniques Course takes you from an everyday massage therapist to specialist

Myofascial Release Course

(MFR) is a soft tissue treatment which includes specific soft tissue techniques focusing on releasing restrictions in the network of fascia throughout the body.

Soft Tissue Release (STR) Course

Soft Tissue Release (STR) is one of the most effective and useful soft tissue techniques. It can be used not only for stretching tight muscles but also for releasing isolated tight areas and adhesions in soft tissue including myafascia.