Deep Tissue Massage Course

Deep Tissue Massage – CThA, FHT & IICT Accredited 
Continuous Professional Development  CPD Course

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The Deep Tissue Massage course covers the theory and practice of deep tissue massage techniques. It follows on from foundation diploma courses in massage and/or sports injuries. It includes ‘hands free massage’ and ‘saving hands’ massage techniques.

The course will also cover how deep tissue massage can be used in conjunction with other therapies and disciplines.

Deep Tissue Massage uses stripping and friction techniques to target the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Its benefits include the relief of chronic muscle pain, problems with posture, Sciatica, and injury rehabilitation.

On completion of the Deep Tissue Massage  course, you will be able to get full professional insurance. Please note that providers differ on how much cover they offer.

Deep Tissue Massage Course Outline

  • Body Palpation – how and what to feel.
  • Surface anatomy of the body.
  • Theory of Deep Tissue Massage.
  • Practice of Deep Tissue Massage.
  • Effective Practitioner Posture for Deep Tissue Massage.
  • How to “Save Your Hands” during massage treatments.
  • Refined Soft Tissue Technique.
  • Learn “Effective Massage” technique.
  • How to treat “Knots” and sore spots.
  • Introduction to Trigger Points.

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Deep Tissue Massage Course Objectives

  • Refine your current practice and treat clients more effectively.
  • Offer a modern massage treatment.
  • Work in health clubs, hotels, ski resorts or offer mobile massage treatments.
  • Treat clients using advanced massage techniques.
  • Study one of our further advanced massage courses.
  • Supplement your full-time income by working part-time.
  • Provide deep tissue massage treatments to friends and family.
  • Develop your Continual Professional Development (CPD) portfolio.
  • Join the CThA or another professional association.

Prerequisites & Who is this course for?

You must have an Ofqual accredited Level 3 Diploma in Massage including Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology – or equivalent, or higher.

Without an accredited Diploma, you may be able to attend the course, but you will not receive an FHT, CThA or IICT accredited certificate. This may affect your ability to obtain professional insurance. Without an accredited Diploma you may not be able to join the FHT, CThA, IICT, or any other professional body.

Please submit a copy of your  accredited qualifications along with with your application to join the course. If we do not receive this information, your certificate may be printed without the FHT, CThA and IICT logos, with an additional cost for the correct certificate. 

Deep Tissue Massage Exam Specification

  • Assessment and feedback during class.

Course Details

Course Title
Deep Tissue Massage Course

1 day


Qualification: FHT Certificate

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Private Courses only

FHT Accredited

The CThA are the leading professional association representing sports, spa and complementary therapists in the UK and Ireland.  The CThA provide discounted insurance and professional recognition. Members get listed on the website. Members also receive professional help and advice from a team of experts.


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Bespoke Training

This course can be tailored to your requirements and run anywhere in the U.K.