Online Courses

Brighton School of Massage currently offers the following online courses.

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01273 625460 or email

Aromatherapy Pre-blended Oils Course

Aromatherapy Pre-blended Oils online course, gives an understanding of how oils can be safely used in massage or self-care.

Crystal Healing Course

Our Crystal Healing Online Course explores the concepts of energy as a healing modality and how to use positive energy in your everyday life.

Stress Management Course

Our Stress Management Online Course looks at common signs of stress and guides you with a practical approach to managing your own stress.

Immune Health Course

Our Immune Health online course gives you the opportunity to understand the role of the immune system in protecting against diseases.

Chakra Healing Course

Our Chakra Healing Online Course is suited if you have an interest in energy healing and self-development. Learn how to balance your Chakras.

Anatomy Physiology Pathology Refresher Course

If your Anatomy qualification is more than 3 years old, this Anatomy Refresher Online Course is the solution.

Gut Health Course

Our Gut Health Online Course provides a comprehensive overview of the importance of a healthy gut for a healthy lifestyle.

Detoxification Health Course

Detoxification Health Course provides insights into the benefits of detoxification & why you’re still not losing weight.

Weight Management Course

In our Weigh Management Online Course, we celebrate the good news about losing weight. It’s more about what you can gain than losing!